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Ruinarch is a simulation strategy game where you are a demon overlord invading randomly generated fantasy worlds. As the evil interloper, put the heroic defenders through the wringer by unleashing an array of calamities and tribulations upon them! Inspired by story generators like Dwarf Fortress, RimWorld and Crusader Kings 2, we give a new twist to the genre by making the players assume the villain role. Watch procedural stories unfold from the perspective of the dark side.



Each playthrough generates a random fantasy world subdivided into dozens of interconnected regions. You slowly make your way towards the defender's settlements by invading one adjacent region at a time. You have access to but a handful of minions, so use them thoughtfully and assign various tasks such as invading a region, constructing a demonic landmark, researching new spells, interfering in world events and more!


At any time, you may take a peek at a settlement and see the residents going about their daily lives. You may not launch an assault until your invasion has reached an adjacent region to the settlement. So while your minions are busy slowly corrupting the world, you may interfere with the settlements to eliminate as much threat as possible. By the time your minions are at their doorstep, the settlements should already be ripe for the picking!

Gather information about the residents. Wielding Intel and using it against them is the key to victory. The King has a paramour? Tell this to his Queen and watch as the scorned woman poison her lover's food. The Hero secretly dabbles in taboo acts? Inform his neighbors and they just might have him expelled from their faction. Then corrupt or recruit him while he is at his lowest point.


Of course like any reputable overlord, you have access to a diverse array of Spells, Summons and Artifacts that you can unleash on your opponents. Want to start a Zombie Apocalypse? Afflict one resident with a Zombie Virus and watch it spread. You want to see things burn? There are a couple of Spells for that. Or if you want, just summon a pack of wolves and watch them ravage the settlement.

  • Generate an infinite number of procedural fantasy worlds.

  • Invade elven villages, human towns, bandit camps, ancient ruins, monster lairs, and much more!

  • Build demonic structures with various world corrupting capabilities.

  • Summon minions and recruit cultists to assist in world domination.

  • Unleash powerful spells, dangerous monsters and mystical artifacts upon the world and watch the mayhem unfold.

  • Fracture the kingdom into multiple competing subfactions to weaken them from inside.

  • Wipe out the world’s defenders - each one equipped with complex AI that takes into account its needs, traits and relationships.

Tessellated Triangle
Redheart Den
Radisle Cavern
Gloomhollow Crypts
Odious Lair
Blistering Hollow
Cindermaul Hideout

Our Early Access launch is scheduled within the first half of 2020. We already have a rough blueprint of what we want to do next after that. This includes randomly-generated maps, a simple base building system and more extensive character relationships and interactions. However, we also want to get the game to players as early as possible to gather feedback that will further guide our development process.




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