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Fact Sheet

  • Developer: Maccima Games

  • Address: Quezon City, Philippines

  • Founding Date: January 2017

  • Website:

  • Contact:

  • Social: Facebook, Twitter

  • Platform: PC

  • Price: 19.99 USD

  • Availability: Digital Download Only

Maccima Transparent White.png


Ruinarch is a simulation/strategy game where the player is a demon overlord invading randomly generates fantasy worlds. Every time you play a new game, a randomly generated world will be created, filled with factions composed of a variety of races and character classes. Relying heavily on subterfuge, the goal is to eliminate all factions populating the world.


  • Conquer an unlimited number of procedurally-generated fantasy worlds.

  • Interact with randomly generated characters and factions of various races.

  • Grow your roster of minions by summoning lesser demons from the portal or recruiting new followers from the lands.

  • Study your enemies' behavior and relationships and use all information you gather against them.

  • Use all sorts of subterfuge activities to tear down the world's defenders: blackmail, threaten, abduct and corrupt them all! 


Download all screenshots here.

Key Art, Logos, Icons

Download all key art, logos, and icons here.

Fact Sheet
Key Art
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